Understanding the importance of having the necessary support to Accomplishing Goals.

EERUSA has a Team of Consultants to meet with You to discuss ways we can give you the support you need. In developing a program we will assess your quantity of recycling materials, the number of pickups needed daily, weekly or annually and the type of e-waste you need disposed. Also if there are multiple locations we will provide rotating schedules to ensure prompt pickups, as well as provide the support to dismantle most equipment, or on-site destruction (hard drives, etc).

For more information and details on charges & services, consult with a Representative Today!

Programs & Solutions tailored specifically for Your Needs.

Counties and Municipalities Programs are designed for each individuals needs. We strive to provide the necessary support for any of these programs. Our goals are to offer our services at low cost depending on distance from our facilities and the type of e-waste being collected. For all new Programs after a few collections we will give you a ratio sheet of items collected, if we collect more than 33% of monitors and television there will be additional service charges per pickup. And if you have Businesses that participate in your county e-waste programs, we also can offer the same services and onsite pickups.

Individuals Programs are base on quantity and E-waste material needed recycling. First we will direct you to a drop location in your county. For all other services we will charge a small collection fee depending on your location.