EERUSA also provides industrial machines programs where we dismantle your machines, and store them until it's sold, in which case we will charge a percentage of the sale price. Unfortunately, if it's not sold within a reasonable time we will then salvage the machines at a low cost to you!

All E-Waste disposals will be documented and recorded until it's end of life; once disposal has been completed EERUSA will send you a recycling certificate and/or certificate of destruction.
Free EstimatesFree EstimatesWe provide a multitude of ways to get the info you need to start recycleing. You can get a quote today on our website, by calling, mailing, or requesting an on-site visit! StorageStorage & HousingEERUSA will store your Equipment or Supplies that will be fully insured until your are ready for it up to a month absolutely fee!
Hard Drive WipesD.O.D 7-Pass FormattingWe understand your data and privacy are of the utmost importance. That's why all disks are formatted using a 7-Pass 0-Wipe standard, the same used by the Department Of Defense. This assures every last byte of data is completely destroyed before being recycled. TransportingTransportingWe have many options to get your Products from point A to B and there's no job too small or large we won't Haul. So discuss your plans with one of our Representative today!
DismantlingDismantlingNo matter how large or small a piece of equipment. We can generally dismantle almost anything propperly and safely. Depending on the needs it can generally be completed within one day! VCR-DVD PlayersVCR & DVD PlayersLiving in fast technology growth has given us many great things!, but it's also left us unused VHS & DVD Players. These machines generally contain metals and plastics that without the proper recycling would just pile in landfills!
Medical EquipmentMedical EquipmentWe will dispose all of your medical equipment responsibly with assurance your equipment is in proper care. Following EMS Standards the entire way. Lab EquipmentErrorLab EquipmentHarboring lab equipment that's peaked it's prime can be harmful. This equipment can contain toxions, infectious wastes, and more!. Let us take this hazzard off your hands and dispose of them safely, and properly!
Lithium-ion BatteriesLithium-ion BatteriesDisposing Lithium-ion Batteries according to the EPA standards is our goal so you have no worries that your batteries are being disposed of properly. Telecom EquipmentTelecom EquipmentTelecom equipment such as switch-boards, are large and mostly made of plastics and small metals. Without proper disposal of these items there is absolutely no way for them to break down organically!.
Computers/LaptopsComputers & LaptopsHome Computing has brought us closer together more than ever before. But these devices are quickly out-dated, leaving you with loads of metals, plastics, and toxins that will never bio-degrade! CRT-LCD MonitorsCRT & LCD MonitorsMonitors are by far one of the biggest concerns right now. With monitors getting larger, and thinner by the day old monitors are piling up all over the place. You've probably got one sitting around (Just in case) too!. Make sure your monitor is disposed of properly instead of chunking it in the trash!
Phones/MobilesHome & Mobile PhonesIt seems new phones are coming out every month! Help make sure your old phone is properly recycled before making your next purchase! Mainframes/ServersMainFrame & ServersDamaged or outdated Main Frame and Servers can be picked up from your site, removed and disposed of responsibly according to the ISO14001 Standards.
TransformersTransformersWe can fully recycle PCB free transformers according to the same high environmental and quality standards that are taken into account when decontaminating appliances containing PCBs (Power Circuit Breakers) Cables & CordsCables & CordsCat5, USB, LPT1, & More. We've all got cables laying around cluttering up our space, most times for no reason! These cables contain micro-threads, plastics, and metals that can be harmful if left degrading, or exposed!
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